What Has David McDonald Accomplished as OSI Group’s President?

It is interesting to note that the man who went on to become OSI Group’s President, David McDonald, actually spent his entire childhood in a farming environment in Iowa. Because of his upbringing David McDonald grew very fascinated with the way that agriculture worked, even from a young age. Later on, he studied animal science while attending Iowa State University in 1987.

McDonald first began his journey with OSI Industries, an agricultural company out of Chicago, in 1991 after completing his bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University. Today, after several years of integrity and dedication, Mr. McDonald is now OSI Group’s President and CEO. Thanks to his strong leadership within the organization, he earned the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. Within agriculture, David McDonald is among the industry’s most trusted and respected authorities, his Website.

OSI Group happens to be the world’s leading value-added proteins supplier, which includes beef patties, sausage links and pizza. Along with its eight operational factories in China, OSI Group actually has over fifty facilities around the globe, which are spread out among over a dozen different nations. In 2012, OSI Group created its mega processing plant, which is located inside of China’s Henan province. That same year, the company also formed a partnership with DOYOO Group.

Outside of China, CEO David McDonald is looking to expand OSI Group’s reach in other areas of the global market. In addition to launching a massive processing facility for frozen food products in India, the company worked on some other projects in Poland, Hungary and Geneva, and what David knows.

One of the more notable moves that OSI Group has made in the past few years was acquiring Baho Food back in 2016. CEO David McDonald was quite pleased with OSI Group’s acquisition of Baho Food, commenting that the investment would compliment the organization’s current products quite well and potentially increase their demand. Figuring out how to effectively coordinate OSI Group’s local operations with the global logistic teams was the key to McDonald making it possible for OSI Group to stay up to date with trends around the world, and more information click here.

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