The Legacy of Louis Chenevert

Everyday people come up saying they want to be successful investors. However, the ambitions of many die shortly after their first years of trying. The spirit of a successful entrepreneur does not die; it has to be reborn every time something goes wrong. Success also needs patience in progress and time it takes to get to the top. Louis Chenevert is an example of a legend who took his time in the investment world to create his reputation, which will forever be passed from one generation to another.

Louis Chenevert attended HEC Montreal, where he studied Production Management. While in school, his lectures were impressed by how much effort he put in school work. They even began calling their acquaintances to see whether they could secure a place for him.

Louis landed his first job at General Motors, where he worked or 14 years. He then got a chance to work with an engineering firm: Pratt & Whitney in 1993. In 2006, the United Technologies Corporation (UTC) employed him as the CEO of the firm. It was during the recession period, but he still managed to improve the sales of the firm.

This was through the strategies that he used. For instance, other firms resolved by moving their production and manufacturing units to other countries, where they could acquire cheap labor. For Louis, this was not an option that he was considering. He had big plans and dreams for UTC, and he was not ready to compromise the quality of what he was about to offer by investing in cheap labor, which is equal to cheap services. Instead, he moved the workers to other mines that needed their attention.

Louis Chenevert also made acquisitions that surprised the world. The aerospace deal of Goodrich that he bought at $16 billion was the biggest deal ever crossed in the industry in the USA. He is currently living a semi-retired life, to get time to pursue his dreams.

Louis Chenevert says that the only way to be successful is by ignoring the internal politics in the firm. He advises leaders to ignore those who don’t align with the agendas of the company and move on with the positive minds.