The Fizz Chainsmokers

Being the affable duo’s pleasant demeanor, “The Chainsmokers” have once brought life to its audience. It is an American music production duo made up of Alex Pall with Andrew Taggart. Their inception to top ten was recognized in early 2015 with “Roses.” The duo clinched quantum leap success as the single delineated internationally and peaked on the Electronic song chart. They received quite some awards including “American Music Awards. Not forgetting they were named first #1 dance artist on Billboard’s dance 100.

Opportunities do not happen. You create them. The duo had a monumental success. The pair recently launched a new single entitled “Sick Boy” after nine months of silence in entertainment. Perhaps, this could be a new era for the duo to thrive. With lamentations from their audience in regards to their new twist in their career, “The Chainsmokers” still envision their berm to be divulging. Although, twenty-four-hour lifestyle eminence comes at a cost, with side effects and communal awareness. The Chainsmokers own their state and are ready to flourish in their art.

However, inquiries are being made by the audience why the sudden twist of their genre? Why the title “Sick Boy”? How did the “Sick Boy” cross the threshold of our tympanic membrane the first place? Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart mentioned the reasons as to why it is “darker than before” about their new genre “Sick Boy.” About the kind of society we are in, the present generation is very much conversant with the adverse development in technology. Mentioning the young age as to be so much into the social platform. However, some of the venues they tend to visit nurture their talents, but some tend to eradicate good morals.

“Darker than before,” also relates how different persons perceive things. With the level of awareness, personality speaks a lot in them as it enables one to have different insight about entertainment. As it is being depicted, there are two types of people who will tell that you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are are afraid to try.