Philanthropy & New Property: On The Market With Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein was born in 1952 in Israel. He served a mandatory term with the Israel Defense Forces before attending The School of Technion. He graduated in 1978 with a bachelor of science degree in economics and business. Taking after his father he entered the real estate Industry. During his undergrad studies he also helped his father with real estate construction and development. In 1974 Adam Milstein got married and moved to the United States two years later. Entering the University of Southern California, he received his MBA in 1983. Proceeding his departure from USC he began his endeavors in commercial real estate as a sales agent. Along with his extensive list of philanthropy, he is also the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. His role in this company is to coordinate the firm’s finances and overall accounting. The objective of Hager Pacific Properties is to acquire, rehabilitate and reposition properties of all types.


He recently spoke on how our past experiences shape our future. On a recent mission that took him to six countries along with other philanthropist and scholars, he had the opportunity to gain a deeper knowledge of the Nazi concentration camps that killed and traumatized millions. Over 2 million Jews were murdered in this terrifying act of genocide carried out by the Germans. Facing these camps up close in person made him wonder if something so horrific would ever occur again. Adam Milstein recalls some lessons that this trip taught him. The most evident to him was that a situation such as the Holocaust is not an overnight occurrence. He elaborates that it is a result of systematic intimidation and discrimination that happens over the course of many years. Milstein also expresses that just because the Holocaust is a thing of the past it doesn’t mean that people are not still in danger in this modern time. He urges that people speak up and fight back against anti-Semites. He concludes by saying we must support Israel as it is the home of the Jewish people and ultimately their insurance policy. Adam Milstein continues his philanthropy as he finds giving back and fighting for justice gives him peace within himself.