Avi Weisfogel Founds New Branch of Sleep Medicine

Avi Weisfogel is one of the nation’s foremost experts on a new field of dentistry called sleep dentistry. This discipline combines traditional dentistry with the treatment of sleep apnea, a disease that has long been underdiagnosed and a serious public health threat. This new sub-discipline of dentistry holds the promised of nearly completely eliminating obstructive sleep apnea from the list of diseases that plague the U.S. population.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel always knew that he wanted to go into some form of medicine. From his earliest years, he was always fascinated by the ability of doctors to cure the sick, intervening in the course of nature to effect outcomes that would otherwise not be possible. After receiving excellent grades throughout high school, he was accepted to dental school. He eventually got an M.D. in the dental sciences from the New York University School of Dentistry, enabling him to finally realize his dream of becoming a full-fledged dentist.

He founded his first dental practice, Old Bridge Dental, and quickly grew it into one of the premier dental offices in Central New Jersey. But throughout this period, Dr. Weisfogel was not entirely satisfied with merely treating patients. He spent a great deal of time after hours, researching medical conditions and ways in which dentists could potentially add even more value to their patients’ experiences and what Avi knows.

Eventually, he stumbled across the disease called obstructive sleep apnea. Dr. Weisfogel came to realize that this was a woefully undertreated disease, with over 90 percent of those who suffered from it not even realizing they had it. This represented a major public health concern, as obstructive sleep apnea was associated with many of the most lethal killers in the United States. Some of the conditions to which obstructive sleep apnea leads include heart attack, stroke, cerebral hemorrhage and even diabetes. Dr. Weisfogel thought that something could be done about this terrible ailment and more information click here.

In 2010, he founded Dental Sleep Masters, a company dedicated to providing seminars and educational material to the nation’s dentists, training them to become experts in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. The company was a runaway success. Today, there are thousands of dentists who have graduated from Dental Sleep Masters, saving many patients’ lives and his facebook.

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Vijay Eswaran: the Brains behind the Success of QI Group

Vijay Eswaran is a successful businessman and the esteemed Executive Chairman of the QI Group, a multilevel marketing company. Vijay is a cofounding partner of the QI Group, which was established in 1998. He studied at the London School of Economics where he graduated with a degree in socio-economics in 1984.

After graduating, Vijay remained in Europe to do odd jobs; for instance, he worked on a construction site in Belgium and as a cab driver in London. He later relocated to the United Kingdom where he learned binary system marketing. Vijay decided to acquire a professional qualification in multilevel marketing from CIMA as well as an MBA from the renowned Southern Illinois University in 1986.

QI Group

QI Group is a leading multilevel marketing company, specializing in e-commerce conglomerate businesses in telecommunications, travel, media, corporate investments, and luxury products.

QI Group’s head office is located in Hong Kong. QI Group has regional offices in Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia as well as a presence in around ten countries. Vijay merged traditional sales methods with the modern e-commerce business models to drive the company towards success.

The Achievements of Vijay Eswaran

Vijay is a popular author of several books that mostly deal with business and spirituality. In 2005, he published his first book called “In the Sphere of Silence.” Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: https://vijayeswaranblog.wordpress.com

The book explains his personal life management philosophy. Vijay’s second book “In the Thinking Zone” talks about his thoughts and reflections on life. His other books include “18 Stepping Stones” and “Two Minutes from Abyss.” Vijay has also been a distinguished speaker at management and business forums such as the World Economic Forum. Read more: Vijay Eswaran in Forbes Philanthropy Heroes list

Vijay has established a corporate social responsibility arm of the QI Group called the RHYTHM Foundation. He has also established the Vijayaratnam Foundation, a charitable organization in Malaysia. Vijay initiated community programs through the two foundations, for instance, mentorship programs.

In 2013, Forbes Asia ranked Vijay Eswaran among the top 50 richest Malaysians. He received the New Global Indian award for business excellence and philanthropy in 2012. Vijay owns a University in Malaysia, which will be graduating its fist batch of students in 2017. The University is currently located in a temporary campus in Ipoh city.

Todd Lubar: CEO and Founder of the TDL Venture Capital Company

Todd Lubar is CEO and President of two United States-based companies. Todd Lubar is the CEO and Founder of the Legendary Investment Company and the TDL Venture Capital Company. For both companies, they are always delighted at becoming part of the credit and finance solutions to the problems facing all their clients in the United States. Todd Lubar developed the TDL Venture Capital Company to offer unparalleled solutions to those who need fast capital. In this case, no one knows how to achieve this business capability in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. Todd Lubar has also fulfilled his dreams in becoming an owner of the United States-based business entity. During that time, people worked hard to achieve the best in the industry. However, Todd Lubar worked hard to gain the most sophisticated knowledge to become an entity in the world of finance and business.

According to Hackronym, when Todd Lubar founded the Legendary Investment Company, he was determined to incorporate its business as a way of developing fast income in the industry. For those who need income, they might consider using these capabilities as a way of achieving the most sophisticated business platform. Todd Lubar has worked hard to develop the real estate industry through his innovation and business techniques. During the time when he was entering the industry, minimal restrictions were imposed to those in need of fast income. For this reason, they ended up entering the working capabilities that never acceded to the adopted issues. Todd Lubar is also considered as the best real estate entity in the United States.

For all those years of professional experience, Todd Lubar has worked to achieve much in this industry. He has also developed the most sophisticated business platform where business is achieved through capacitated instructions. The real estate industry also benefited greatly through his innovation techniques. Todd Lubar is also passionate about offering services to the community. He has always served the inmate industry through agitated business capabilities to offer unparalleled solutions in the industry. Todd Lubar is considered as the best business solution to companies seeking fast working capital.

Check out his website toddlubar.com

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George Soros: The Man We All Admire

George Soros is one man with a global following. He traces his origins in Hungary, a country where he together with his family experienced a lot of pain and suffering. Due to the unimaginable oppression in his country, Mr. Soros decided to relocate to London. It is in London that he was most fortunate to get a job as a railway porter and restaurant waiter. With the little money he had saved from his odd jobs, he got enrolled in the London School of Economics. Since an early age, George Soros has been a very ambitious individual. Soros takes each and every opportunity to succeed in life whenever it presents itself. It is after his Economics education that George got an opening at a merchant bank back in London. Having saved more than twelve million dollars over the years, Soros was able to start a hedge fund. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

Since 1969, George Soros has made a significant mark in the financial sector. He is renowned for helping strengthen the once struggling British pound. Also, George Soros has helped establish Soros Fund Management, an organization that boasts of more than thirty billion dollars in assets. For a very long time, Soros has been making use of his wealth to fund American politicians with his most unusual activity being in 2004 when he was significantly involved in national elections. Since then, George hid behind the political limelight but has previously re-emerged to offer his support to Democrats. During the 2016 elections, George Soros donated more than twenty-five million dollars to help Hillary Clinton in her campaigns for the presidency. Some of these funds were also used to help other Democratic candidates gain a campaigning advantage over their competitors. Visit projectsyndicate.com to know more about George.

Because George has a vast estate, he plans on giving more money to the Democrats Party in support of their candidates. George Soros is extremely fond of Hillary Clinton, primarily because the two have been close friends for more than two decades. In the same accord, George planned on attending his first ever Democratic convention so as to show his support for his longtime friend, a plan that did not bear fruit since Soros had to attend to personal business at the time. Because the 2016 American elections were very competitive, George Soros felt the need to mobilize enough funds to beat the Republicans. To this end, he sought financial support from other wealthy individuals of his caliber. George Soros is renowned for his role in helping fight oppressive regimes. At age 85, the self-made billionaire has risked it all so as to witness the alleviation of minority groups. Since George is a die-hard Democrats fun, it is more likely that he will donate more funds in future elections than has ever been experienced before.

Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Equities First Holdings is one of the global leaders in the alternative sources of finance. For the company, they are always delighted in the issuance of fast working capital in a manner that is not present in the industry. The company has also seen more traction in the use of stocks as collateral to secure fast working money. If you are always geared to making more money during the harsh economic crisis, be sure that working with Equities First Holdings will give you the best business results. For those who are willing to activate their business models, you can be disengaged with action corporations.

While many people consider that stock-based loans are seamless with margin loans, they keep on engaging in the use of these loans. For the stock-based loans, you have not entitled to state the intended use of the loan as a way of securing fast working capital. If you are activating business solutions in this category, be sure that business is not associated with more solutions in a manner that is unparalleled in this industry. Margin loans are also not accepted by most people because most people never accept them. For you to become a better business individual, you must have the capability to locate stock-based loans from the margin loans and learn more about Equities.

During the harsh economic crisis, many banks and companies associated with the issuance of credit-based loans have their lending capabilities cut off. During these times, credit-based loans are never accepted because of their high-interest rates. Accredited interceptions donate this association. Margin and stock-based loans are now the most fashionable and innovative way of securing working capital for your projects and businesses. For those who do not qualify for the credit-based loans offered by companies and banks, be sure to consider Equities First Holdings as the best source of loans.

More visit: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/08120457

Philip Diehl And US Money Reserve’s Television Summit Event

While most of the news is focused on politics and the policies of President Donald Trump, others are focusing on economics and the policies of the Federal Reserve and the US Mint. The US Money Reserve is fully aware of many economic developments and when times start to get hard, they help Americans turn to gold and silver investments.

US Money Reserve hosted a television event just this last year during the campaign season that discussed gold and its value to investors. Learn more about U.S Money Reserve: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/u-money-president-philip-diehl-130000375.html

At this event, US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl, numismatic expert John Rothans, and former Vice President Brad Castillo all discussed gold and silver investments while former CNN news host Larry King moderated. Michael Reagan, the son of the late President Ronald Reagan was also present to discuss his father’s policy of Americans owning gold and silver.

The US Money Reserve contains a wealth of information about the reasons for owning gold and silver bullion. The primary reasons they list for investing in precious metals are for protection against a major market crash or economic deflation.

Gold and silver are two metals that have been in demand throughout time, and while their overall market value can increase or decrease at any given time, the metals themselves are not regulated by central authorities and will not be subjected to negative interest rates.

US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl has been working with coins for a long time having been the US Mint Director for 8 years. Diehl helped the US Mint become more than just a coin minting plant, it became a profitable area of the government that saw taxpayers gain higher returns on its operations.

Diehl had a website built for the agency that gave customers more in-depth looks at their products and allowed them to purchase special coin editions. He also was the leader of “50 States Quarters” and the Sacagawea dollar. Diehl joined US Money Reserve after his time in DC was over because he saw similar values at this company like the US Mint.

At US Money Reserve, customers can now see a fully interactive website that has coins and bars of various sizes and value. US Money Reserve also has an enhanced photo gallery and even more information about initial gold and silver investing and how you can transfer an existing IRA into precious metals. US Money Reserve has extra support for customers offline through its Client-Connect Advantage app.

Anthony Petrello, Financial Genius

Anthony Petrello is the President and currently the CEO of Nabors Industries. Prior to becoming CEO, he served as Chief Operating Officer from 1991 to 2011.

He is also Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board, and serves on the Nabors Board of Directors. He attended Yale University, graduating with a B.S. and M.S. in Mathematics. He attended Harvard Law School, earning a J.D. degree as well.

Nabors Industries is a natural gas, geothermal and oil drilling contractor containing the largest land based drilling fleet in the world with more than 500 rigs deployed in 25 different countries. They also market and sell drilling rigs throughout the United States and abroad. Additionally, Nabors Industries provides both on and offshore rig servicing and are fully stocked with all types of drilling equipment.

Anthony Petrello’s track record speaks for itself, earning $27,512,939 in total compensation for the year 2015. Beginning in 2011, he joined Stewart and Stevenson LLC, holding the position of Director. Prior to working for Nabors Industries, he was Managing Partner at the Baker and McKenzie law firm and also worked as Director of MediaOnDemand.com.

Anthony Petrello is married to his wife Cynthia, and they have an 8 year old daughter Carena. Unfortunately, born 12 weeks early, Carena was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia and needs constant direction to learn basic skills most of us take for granted. He made a generous $5 million donation to Texas Children’s Hospital, which he is a member of the Board of Trustees there.

The Brad Reifler Story

Brad Reifler is a shining example of a hard worker turned entrepreneur. There were no lucky breaks for Mr. Reifler. All of his accomplishments were obtained through hard work and dedication. That professional attitude is what has led to his numerous successful companies. His currently owned company is Forefront Capital, LLC. Learn more about Brad Reifler: http://centraljerseyworkingmoms.com/bernardo-chua-motivates-retail-customers-and-distributors-with-new-rewards-program/

Brad Reifler’s career as an entrepreneur began when he founded Reifler Trading Company (RTC). Initially, the company managed hundreds of millions of dollars in discretionary accounts. That success inevitably led to the company shifting into institutional research, information dissemination, and executive services. Nearly twenty years later, Reifler sold RTC to Refco Inc.

Before selling Reifler Trading Company, Brad Reifler was making quite the name for himself as a financial professional. His reputation was one that instilled trust on a global level. While still operating RTC, he founded Pali Capital in 1995. His hedge funds strategy was referred to as “very differentiated”.

Rather than follow the traditional hedge funds manager technique of buying and selling, he created his own way of raising funds. He combined top research and credit analysis with derivative structures. He then taught sales traders how to use that information to execute his strategy perfectly every time.

His success at Pali Capital was something to be admired. In just thirteen years, Pali’s growth was beyond staggering. The company earned over $1 billion in commission income. What started out as a small idea in Brad Reifler’s head grew to employ more than 300 people and had offices on four continents.

Right now, Forefront Capital is Reifler’s main focus. The company has numerous subsidiaries including Forefront Advisory and Forefront Partners. Despite having his hands full, Reifler leads all his companies as CEO. Reifler founded Forefront Capital in 2009, and he’s once again created a highly profitable product offering.

Throughout his career, Reifler has figured out what works on Wall Street. The Forefront umbrella attracts more registered investment advisors, top investment bankers, and business leaders every day. Like many successful financial firms, Forefront’s success derives from its massive company community.

Wen By Chaz: Believe It

A lot of people are skeptics out there and perhaps they have their reasons, right or wrong. They have been burned in the past by hair care products and there is a level of trust that just is not there anymore. It was there once and now it is gone. However, it has returned and it has returned in a big, big way! It has returned in the best possible way thanks to the tireless efforts of Chaz Dean. He is giving hair care a good name, and he is going out of his way to make sure that everything with his products has his name attached to it.

Even with all of his success, he is still a humble human being. That is not going to change, no matter how much success he has with his hair care products. So far, it has been a lot and it promises to only grow as time goes on. That will never fade away and that will never go away. Chaz Dean is a tireless worker and a great human being. He just puts his name on it because he wants people to know what they are getting, what to expect, and how things are going to work out for them when they use his products.

There is also a tremendously well-written review by Emily McClure of Bustle.com: http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened. She talks about the great success she had in using the Sephora endorsed Fig version of WEN hair by Chaz. It must be made known that she is a fashion and beauty expert on Bustle.com. Needless to say, she knows what she is talking about and she knows quality when she sees it. She will not settle for anything less than greatness and the best. After seven days, she realized that is exactly what she received with Wen by Chaz Dean as it works as a styling treatment, shampoo, and conditioner. For more hair care tips visit the Wen Facebook page.

Article information sourced from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wen

Julie Zuckerberg Wowing Other Execs at Deutsche Bank

As the head Executive recruitment leader for Deutsche Bank in New York, Julie Zuckerberg knows a great deal about the things that go on with different positions and she works hard to make sure that she is providing the help that she needs to do to other people so that they are able to be comfortable in the positions that they have. She has also worked with the bank to create several different projects that she has worked on that have allowed her the chance to truly be successful with the options that are available to her and with the different things that go on within the banking sector.


When Zuckerberg first started with Deutsche Bank, she was not able to do the different things that they were all able to do. Despite the fact that she had been a talent executive lead at her different jobs, she still had to work hard to catch up to the same speed as everyone else who was a part of the job at the Deutsche Bank. She did the job well and she was able to do much more than other people who were at the same speed as her when they started.


Before working at Deutsche, she worked for New York Life Insurance. This was a position that helped her to create different options and to learn more about the different things that she was able to do. While she was working there, she learned a lot and she was able to grow the knowledge that she had of acquisition. Because of this, she was able to do more and eventually learned the right way to be able to try new things with the options that she had and with the talent that she was trying to get from the different people that were coming into the insurance company.


Prior to that part of her career, she was an executive at Citi Global. She did well while she was there and that was something that she was able to do to make sure that she was going to do things the right way. It was a step in the right direction but, as her career indicates, did not take her as far as she wanted. While Citi was great for her and they planned to do more with her in the time that she worked for them, she was unable to continue that career opportunity and had to do things to make sure that it was going to change.


The first part of Julie Zuckerberg’s career was with Hudson. She was hired on right out of college and she knew that she would need to make sure that things were going the right way for her from that point on. Because of the options that she had, she wanted to do more with the career and she wanted to be able to try more with what they had to offer. Since she was only just starting out there, she knew to move on to better opportunities.