Meet the successful Penelope Kokkinides.

With over 20 years experience in the medical filed, Penelope Kokkinides has managed to be one of the most influential persons in the industry. Penelope has managed to work in different organizations under different capacities and has stirred positive change in these organizations.

Currently, Penelope serves as the chief administrative officer at Innovacare Inc; she joined the company four years ago. Her vast skills and knowledge have helped her make a difference at Innovacare even with the few years on the job. She is well equipped with knowledge on developing clinical programs that help to improve the effectiveness of the health sector.

Her previous positions helped her sharpen her leadership skills and has managed to be one of the most strategic leaders in management, apart from her many years in the health sector another thing that has contributed to her success as a leader is her strong educational background. Penelope Kokkinides attained her bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from Binghamton University, she later progressed her education and enrolled for a masters degree in social work at New York University. Penelope is also well versed in classical languages, and this has helped in her career since she can communicate in the different languages.

Being the Chief Administrative Officer at Innovacare, one would want to understand how Penelope has managed to emerge a success and make a difference in the community;

Each day is different for Penelope Kokkinides, she has a busy schedule, and much is expected of her, Penelope is constantly traveling. She, however, tries to stay productive even during the journeys. One of the things that has helped Penelope is her phone and tablet which help her stay connected.

Penelope Kokkinidies has a lot under her sleeves, and it is thus essential to always stay productive, According to Penelope her team helps her to remain productive, and they also help her to implement her plans, Penelope believes in teamwork and thus have a close-knit relationship with her team.

One trend that excites Penelope is technology. She likes how people have become connected from all over the world thanks to technology. Technology has changed business and made it easier to reach to your audience.

As an entrepreneur, one trend that has helped Penelope to stay productive is planning, before sleeping Penelope takes time to plan the next day. Some of the activities she is expected to perform, and this has helped her run her business since she can place her priorities right.