Marketing Wizard Steve Lesnard Offers Digital Marketing Insight

Integrated marketing and consumer expert Steve Lesnard is a man who understands the profound way modern social media and the digital environment have revolutionized the way we market products and services. But he also understands that these cutting edge formats are also informed by age-old, tried, tested and proven selling methods.

Steve Lesnard thinks that too many people are expecting to simply plug into all kinds of social media, start using them and fantastic results are guaranteed. But it’s more complicated than that.

For example, the KISS method is a powerful way to shape a media message. KISS stands for “Keep it short and simple.” The best slogans and central marketing themes of the past 100 years have done just that. Take Nike, for example. Their slogan is: “Just do it.” Or remember those old lite beer ads: “Tastes great, less filling.” Steve Lesnard says these kind of direct, punchy messages work. They probably work even better in today’s social media environment — but too many people are struggling because they are putting out muddy and complex messages and expecting the magic of social media to make up for poorly conceived pitches.

Another area would-be social media markers fall short is failing to use digital platforms to “make things real” and to “bring them to life,” Steve Lesnard says. If a product or service is going to grab attention and then sell with a vengeance, prospects must get an almost instant idea about a benefit they will obtain if they chose that product.

Steve Lesnard says that if you’re going to use a video in an online campaign, then find a way to cobble together a message that will deliver a vivid feeling to the viewer about a benefit they will receive and a clear idea of how the product or service will improve the life of the viewer.

To sum up, Steve Lesnard is bullish on the power of social media and digital marketing, but those technological platforms must be supported by well-crafted messages that penetrate directly into the minds and hearts of consumers. For more information visit: