Making Sense Of GreenSky Credit And The Power Of David Zalik, The Company’s CEO

The position of CEO – chief executive officer – is one of the business world’s least-held

corporate positions in the United States even though virtually every business’ hierarchical structure has someone in the helm of CEO atop their organizations. Chief executive officers don’t just get stuck with the blame if something goes wrong with the organizations they lead; CEOs are effectively responsible for executing every administrative and operational move within their respective organizations’ internal structures.

David Zalik is the chief executive officer of GreenSky LLC, a fintech corporationfintech is simply a combination of the words financial and technology and refers to businesses that make their livings by operating within the intersections of both fields. Mr. Zalik has such a bright business mind that he was able to haul in some 326 million United States Dollars worth of revenue in fiscal year 2017, making GreenSky LLC one of the fintech companies that is primarily concerned with lending money as its form of bringing home the proverbial bacon.

GreenSky Credit is a program under the direction of Mr. David Zalik and GreenSky LLC; GreenSky Credit – more or less – refers to the lending activities of the company. Over the years, David Zalik has effectively commanded some 12 billion U.S. Dollars’ worth of loans from chartered financial institutions of all shapes and sizes. All of the money GreenSky Credit lends to its thousands-long list of potential new debtors is secured from both state and federal programs that ensure the delivery of such funds to the individuals, projects, organizations, and businesses that seek them out.

David Zalik truly is the brains behind the operation

GreenSky Credit is a unique program because Mr. David Zalik’s company doesn’t actively provide its own capital to investors; rather it sources such funds from financial institutions, then takes roughly a six-percent cut, then takes yet another cut after money is received by prospective borrowers.

If it weren’t for Zalik’s expert leadership, Atlanta’s very own Greensky unarguably wouldn’t have raked in some $800 million in its initial public offering.