Luminesce show that Jeunesse Global has the right stuff in cosmetics

When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis began telling friends that they were considering starting yet another company, their friends thought that they were crazy. Ray and Lewis had been in the North American direct-selling industry for their entire careers and had made tens of millions of dollars creating some of the most impressive companies that the industry had ever seen. Now, as they approached their 70s, the couple had embarked on a life of retirement. However, they quickly found out that retirement was a bit more boring and purposeless than they had bargained for. Ray and Lewis had made their decision: They were going back into business.


Their naysaying friends would quickly be eating their words, with humble pie for dessert. In September of 2009, Ray and Lewis started Jeunesse Global out of the garage of their Florida mansion. Within its first year, it had already sold close to $1 million in products. By the end of its second year, Ray’s recruiting and sales abilities and Lewis’ genius for product development and business administration were combining to create a perfect storm. The company had dozens of full-time distributors and was quickly putting together one of the most innovative product lineups that the industry had ever seen.


Today, Jeunesse global has exponentially grown into a billion-dollar company with tens of thousands of distributors worldwide and millions of loyal customers. How were Ray and Lewis able to pull such an incredible feat off? The secret to Jeunesse Global’s success, like that of every other successful business that Ray and Lewis had created, was the company’s great products. Unlike so many other direct-selling businesses, Ray and Lewis have always built the company around great products, not creating products as an afterthought.


One example of this is the company’s Luminesce skincare lotion and moisturizer. Luminesce is a top moisturizer in its class, able to compete on equal footing with some of the most recognized brands in the market. But it also has a secret weapon; Luminesce is made with Jeunesse Global’s ultra-potent APT-200 antiaging molecule. This means Luminesce customers don’t just get clean and refreshed skin, they get younger skin.