Jeff Herman On Sticking Around

Balancing a high demand career and a personal life can be tricky. If your career requires forty, fifty, eighty hours or more on a regular basis it can be easy to be consumed and burned out by said work. One field that makes these kinds of demands is the law; one area of the law that can wear you out fast is sexual assault cases. Indeed, many lawyers end up burning out and quitting the industry long before retirement.


So how does an attorney who only represents sexual assault survivors deal with it? For Jeff Herman it’s about motivation and knowing when to step back and seek help himself.


Founder and Managing Partner at Herman Law, a firm dedicated solely to representing victims of sexual assault, Herman has had his problems with his chosen area of law. Hearing stories from people victimized by what he calls “the worst of humanity” for a living has worn on him. He says that he is not above having his heart broken by the stories his clients tell. Herman references a recent time when his stress at his area of expertise became so bad he was physically sick. At this time, he contemplated leaving his Firm —  Jeff Herman Law.


Jeff Herman credits working with a team of doctors on bio-metrics as helping him stay in his field. He says he has a great drive and dedication to helping these victims regain their voices and become empowered. His training with bio-metrics has helped him learn to separate his feelings from those of his clients, recognizing that he can empathize with his clients without internalizing their experiences.


Herman speaks about his experience with trials and how to stay focused on the facts and the case without being distracted. His experience in the courtroom has helped Jeff develop a focused approach to evidence and as a visual learner he uses various images and whiteboards to organize his cases.


Jeff Herman ends by offering advice to anyone seeking to enter the legal field: They should be passionate about what they specialize in as it will take up much of their time. Read This Article for more information about Herman.