Hussain Sajwani family Real estate Investment & Philathrophy

Hussain Sajwani is executive director and found of DAMAC property company.Damac group of companies was est in 2002 and its headquarters in Dubai. Hussain studied in Bachelor of Science in economics and Industrial engineering at the University of Washington. He is a real estate development billionaire, and Forbes magazines listed him among top ten influential business people in the globe.

Damac Company was invested heavily in real estate projects in leisure, commercial and residential properties in the United Arab Emirates. Hussain maximized the opportunity of investing in real estate since governments in middle decline foreigners to invest in property development in that area. Learn more:

Hussain Sajwani was actively involved in the food industry in supplying food to America in1980 during the Iraq first war with America army until 2002 when he decided to quit food industry and join real estate.In 2012, Damac real estate invested in food and hotel industry by launching hospitality division within the company. The new venture has position DAMAC owner as a leading service provider in real estate and hotel service industry.

Hussain Sajwani family partnered President Donald Trump to establish International Golf Club Luxury villas.The investment generates sales revenue of 2 billion dollars annually. During the new year eve, President Trump recognized Hussain contribution in the world economy through his company Damac. Hussain and Donald are looking forward to establishing Trump International course in Dubai. Apart from business, Hussain Sajwani and Trump family are great friends and spend quality time together. Their friendship began before Trump ventured into politics and became president of America

Also, he has supported several charity initiatives.Hussain Sajwani donated 2million dollars in 2013 to help AED children campaign which supports 3 million children in the world with clothes and other basic needs. Also, his philanthropy fund has supported projects in the United Arab Emirates to improve people living standards and help them live decent quality life( Also, Dame company donated 1 million dollars to United Arab Emirates Red Crescent Society to support refuges projects in Lebanon and Jordan.Hussain was also involved in UAE compassion campaign to support old families severely poverty-stricken areas.