Entrepreneur Ashley Brasier

Ashley Brasier grew up wanting to be an architecture like her father. She fancied and admired the drawings and the creativity involved on her father’s sketches. But, as fate would have it, she ended up in the business world. This has finally landed her into a partnership venture named Lightspeed, which is more of an Ashley Lightspeed venture, since she has most vast experience in what the venture focuses on offering to its clients.

She attended Duke University for her Degree in Visual and Media Studies, Markets and Management. This was in 2008-2012. After Graduation, she joined Harvard University graduate School of Design to study Urban Planning. From 2016-2018, Ashley attended Stanford University Graduate School of Business for a Master in Business Administration.

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Ashley’s career began when he joined Bain & company between June and August in 2011, in Atlanta. Here she was an Associate Consultant Intern. After the internship, she secured a job in the same company as a Senior Associate Consultant. She was based in Washington D.C. Metro Area, where she worked from August 2012 to July 2015.

After working at Bain for 3 years, Ashley had gained good experience and thus wanted to explore more. Thus, in February 2015, Ashley joined Thumbtack Company, in Francisco Bay Area, as a Category Manager and worked up to June 2016. Come June 2016 up to October 2018, Ashley moved to Growth Stage Companies as a Growth Advisor and Consultant.

The career history has enabled Ashley grow and in November 2018, she partnered with entrepreneurs to form Lightspeed Venture Partners, located in San Francisco Bay Area. This Ashley Lightspeed venture works with early-stage companies closely, to identify and actualize their growth strategy. Ashley, continuously uses prototyping as an instrument for collecting and analyzing feedback. She then uses this feedback to create new solutions and ideas in her career.

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