Julie Zuckerberg Wowing Other Execs at Deutsche Bank

As the head Executive recruitment leader for Deutsche Bank in New York, Julie Zuckerberg knows a great deal about the things that go on with different positions and she works hard to make sure that she is providing the help that she needs to do to other people so that they are able to be comfortable in the positions that they have. She has also worked with the bank to create several different projects that she has worked on that have allowed her the chance to truly be successful with the options that are available to her and with the different things that go on within the banking sector.


When Zuckerberg first started with Deutsche Bank, she was not able to do the different things that they were all able to do. Despite the fact that she had been a talent executive lead at her different jobs, she still had to work hard to catch up to the same speed as everyone else who was a part of the job at the Deutsche Bank. She did the job well and she was able to do much more than other people who were at the same speed as her when they started.


Before working at Deutsche, she worked for New York Life Insurance. This was a position that helped her to create different options and to learn more about the different things that she was able to do. While she was working there, she learned a lot and she was able to grow the knowledge that she had of acquisition. Because of this, she was able to do more and eventually learned the right way to be able to try new things with the options that she had and with the talent that she was trying to get from the different people that were coming into the insurance company.


Prior to that part of her career, she was an executive at Citi Global. She did well while she was there and that was something that she was able to do to make sure that she was going to do things the right way. It was a step in the right direction but, as her career indicates, did not take her as far as she wanted. While Citi was great for her and they planned to do more with her in the time that she worked for them, she was unable to continue that career opportunity and had to do things to make sure that it was going to change.


The first part of Julie Zuckerberg’s career was with Hudson. She was hired on right out of college and she knew that she would need to make sure that things were going the right way for her from that point on. Because of the options that she had, she wanted to do more with the career and she wanted to be able to try more with what they had to offer. Since she was only just starting out there, she knew to move on to better opportunities.