A Man working his way to the top

Dick Devos is the husband of Betsy Devos who is a reformer. Dick Devos was a republican nominee for governor of michigan. Dick Devos looks for creative ways to fix social problems. They but a lot of time and energy into their work and do their best to expound upon it. They find ways of getting out of situations that might stump others significantly. They are very good at doing things and find good loop holes that are legal and just. There are no problems for them, only solutions. Dick Devos has founded the Windquest Group in 1989 that is a privately held company that puts all their time and energy into manufacturing, technology and clean energy. The company is very good at focusign on the essentials and what is really important in the world. The privately owned company strives to find innovative ways of helping people through technology, energy and so forth. They are very focused on helping others find news ways of doing things through innovation and are keenly focused on helping the greater good. They strive to improve upon technology and energy and are very sure of what they are doing with the company. Dick Devos is the former president of Amway and he is the former president of the orlando magic from the nba. Dick Devos was born in october and is an american businessman and also and author. He strives to conduct himself in a great manner that is respectful and kind. He is also from Miichigan. He was able to be the ceo of the consumer goods comapny for about nine years. He pushed hard and even ran for governor of Michigan. his father was the sixty seventh richest person in the united states of america. Devos graduated from Forest hills public school and began his complete involvement in the family business. He strived to do his part in growing the business and letting it thrive. When the company was small but thriving he remember being mini hosts that greeted people that attended the annual conventions. They cleared plates when there was gatherings and so forth. They also spoke in front of groups and gave product demonstrations. Devos was able to gain a bachelors degree in business and this was from northwood university. He also attended harvard business school and learned business there. Devos is a hard worker and when he puts his mind to do something he gets it done efficiently as possible.


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End Citizens United and Elizabeth Warren Unite for Campaign Finance Reform

End Citizens United (ECU) is committed to ensuring every citizen has an equal say in the election of government officials. Strong advocates of the reversal of the 2010 Supreme Court decision that its group was named for, ECU believes that our current campaign finance system favors the rich and powerful and works against the everyday American. Since this ruling, powerful entities such as large corporations and the super rich can now funnel unlimited resources to aid political campaigns, potentially giving them enormous sway in their outcomes.


Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren shares this commitment to campaign finance reform and was recently endorsed by End Citizens United. Warren believes that this Supreme Court ruling endangers our democracy, and desires to put political power back into the hands of ordinary Americans. She is a strong proponent of full disclosure in campaign donations by corporations and government contractors. In addition, she has called for a reaffirmation of the People’s Pledge that she endorsed in her 2012 campaign. This pledge penalizes any candidate that benefits from outside advertisements by requiring a portion of each ad’s value to be donated to charity.


ECU has pledged to assist Senator Warren through a grassroots effort mobilizing its over 100,000 members in Massachusetts. They will also recruit help from their over 300,000 national donor base.


The 2010 Citizens United ruling has opened up the floodgates for large corporations, unions and special interest groups to spend unlimited funds in support of political candidates through super PACs (Political Action Committees). Political Action Committees like End Citizens United cannot accept individual donations exceeding $5,000. Nevertheless, ECU has raised over 4 million dollars during the first quarter of 2017 and is projected to raise 35 million prior to the 2018 midterm elections, with the average contribution being around $14.


Approximately 100,000 people donated to ECU during the first three months of 2017. Interestingly, 40,000 of them were first-time contributors, demonstrating that there is enormous support among everyday citizens to reverse this ruling.


End Citizens United has assisted other candidates in battleground states by exposing their financial ties to special interest groups. As the midterm elections approach, ECU will continue to support candidates like Senator Elizabeth Warren who will keep campaign finance reform at the forefront of her upcoming campaign.

Perpetual Fight For Democracy

The United States is well known for preeminence in its Governments’ operation. The political organizations, as well as politicians, play a significant role in ensuring the well-being of the communities. It is also an all-round responsibility for the Government institutions to ensure the constitution is kept and well represented. End Citizens United is one of the political arms in the Us that was started in the year 2015. The principal aim of starting the organization was to improve the operations of the supreme courts as well as other Government agencies. The primary pathway to achieving its goal was to ensure that all the leaders elected have a sense of democracy as a virtue.


Three former specializes in matters related to the democratic congregational campaign, came together to start this organization. With vast experience in a campaign running, the founders of End Citizens United came up with a strategy to raise funds which gave indescribable yields. The move saw the organization receive funding’s from individual people as well as other bodies. This happened because the mission of the organization attracted unmatched support from the well-wishers.


Perfect strategies and efforts saw the group receive more than 4 million dollars within three months in the year 2017. The team is ambitious in its operations and consistent in working for their dream. End Citizens United intends to raise more than 35 million dollars between now and the beginning of the year 2018 before the midterm elections for Congress. By achieving this, the organization will have surpassed the total amount they manage to raise in the year 2016 that added to a total of 25 million dollars. According to statistics, it is clear that the beginning of this year saw more than one million individuals contributing towards funding PAC. This figure includes 40,000 people who gave for the first time. These are very encouraging statistics, and yields much hope to the group’s management. Like a boost to their dream, the group is aimed at electing champions to the government .operating as a tradition PAC; End Citizens United only accept a maximum of 5 thousand dollars from an individual donor and nothing more than that. End Citizens United believes in its mission to ensure better lives for the Americans.


Electing Democratic candidates is a dream that the organization works for tirelessly. The group also finds it very essential to use current affiliation to prove political power on matters related to money in politics. Through electing Democratic candidates, the organization is confident that positive change will significantly be achieved. With the power of transparency, democracy is positively a possibility. The team is proud of receiving funds from people in the United States of America.