Philip Diehl And US Money Reserve’s Television Summit Event

While most of the news is focused on politics and the policies of President Donald Trump, others are focusing on economics and the policies of the Federal Reserve and the US Mint. The US Money Reserve is fully aware of many economic developments and when times start to get hard, they help Americans turn to gold and silver investments.

US Money Reserve hosted a television event just this last year during the campaign season that discussed gold and its value to investors. Learn more about U.S Money Reserve:

At this event, US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl, numismatic expert John Rothans, and former Vice President Brad Castillo all discussed gold and silver investments while former CNN news host Larry King moderated. Michael Reagan, the son of the late President Ronald Reagan was also present to discuss his father’s policy of Americans owning gold and silver.

The US Money Reserve contains a wealth of information about the reasons for owning gold and silver bullion. The primary reasons they list for investing in precious metals are for protection against a major market crash or economic deflation.

Gold and silver are two metals that have been in demand throughout time, and while their overall market value can increase or decrease at any given time, the metals themselves are not regulated by central authorities and will not be subjected to negative interest rates.

US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl has been working with coins for a long time having been the US Mint Director for 8 years. Diehl helped the US Mint become more than just a coin minting plant, it became a profitable area of the government that saw taxpayers gain higher returns on its operations.

Diehl had a website built for the agency that gave customers more in-depth looks at their products and allowed them to purchase special coin editions. He also was the leader of “50 States Quarters” and the Sacagawea dollar. Diehl joined US Money Reserve after his time in DC was over because he saw similar values at this company like the US Mint.

At US Money Reserve, customers can now see a fully interactive website that has coins and bars of various sizes and value. US Money Reserve also has an enhanced photo gallery and even more information about initial gold and silver investing and how you can transfer an existing IRA into precious metals. US Money Reserve has extra support for customers offline through its Client-Connect Advantage app.