Agera Energy: Transforming Energy to Power

Background Agera Energy has always been focused on guiding their customers towards making the right purchase decisions for their specific needs. Armed with the understanding that many energy companies were under-serving their customers, Agera Energy set out to be different. Agera Energy has been committed to this change since their creation in 2014. As they […]

Cloudwick: Leading With Machine Learning

Cloudwick is proud to partner with Amazon Sage Maker in order to partner with Amazon Web Services in order to leverage the power of Sage Maker in order to help them to fully develop and expand on their business requirements. It is truly a brave new world, and Cloudwick and Amazon Sage Maker want to […]

Stream Energy: Taking Care Of The Community First

One company that believes in giving back to the community is Stream Energy. The company has consistently taken steps to help those less fortunate in the local area. The company also steps up in times of disaster. A perfect example of this was when Hurricane Harvey brought devastation to the Houston, Texas area. The wind […]

This Year’s Purchasing Victories From HGGC

HGGC is at it again. They continue to grow, making acquisitions left and right. They have made a number of important purchases in 2018, and it’s definitely more trophies to add to their trophy cases. They continue to harness their experts when it comes to consolidating new companies, and here is a rundown of some […]

How Rick Shinto Changed InnovaCare Health

If you follow the history of InnovaCare Health, you will notice that there has been a surge in their fortunes since Dr. Rich Shinto took over as the CEO. The company was doing fine, but thanks to the new approach to leadership, they are now doing even better. According to Shinto, it is all about […]