Malcolm CasSelle; A Gifted Entrepreneur

Online trading got a lot safer and faster when Worldwide Asset eXchange commonly known as WAX got launched. Its launch came as a way of improvement and solving the problems that faced OPSkins. OPSkins is a centralized marketplace used in trading virtual assets online. This platform gets frequented by gamers who use the system to […]

Hussain Sajwani family Real estate Investment & Philathrophy

Hussain Sajwani is executive director and found of DAMAC property company.Damac group of companies was est in 2002 and its headquarters in Dubai. Hussain studied in Bachelor of Science in economics and Industrial engineering at the University of Washington. He is a real estate development billionaire, and Forbes magazines listed him among top ten influential […]

Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group CEO

Today, there are men of significant impact to some industries where a discussion in that particular sector can’t end without mentioning them. One of these great pillars is Sheldon Lavin. As the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of the OSI Group, LLC, his profile in the food and meat processing industry has been shining. […]

Lacey & Larkin

NAMBLA NAMBLA, also known as North American Man Boy Love Association, is an organization full of men who openly admit to being pedophiles. The word pedophile is a very, very shocking word that induces images of children in distress being victimized. Because of this, most people do not want anything to do with such an […]

George Soros: Take Back Power

George Soros has committed more than $27 million to help Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates win their general elections in the United States. For over three decades of proficiency, the country has amassed a great amount of wealth working for better business values in the country. The reason why he has decided to back […]

EFH in the UK and Australia

Meridian Equiity Partners Limited, which is based in London, has always been about offering its clients financial solutions. However, it did change its name. This was changed to Equities First Holdings, LLC, after EFH acquired and absorbed it in 2014. It today operates as a subsidiary of EFH. The branch has been instrumental in helping […]

Scott Rocklage, the Greatest Investor and Health Care Expert

Dr. Scot Rocklage is not a leader to miss; he is a shrewd manager, investor and more. He joined 5AM venture in 2003, and in 2004. Scot became the managing partner. Scot has over three decades experience in the field of healthcare management, as well as scientific background knowledge to reinforce his career. Scot strategic […]

Rick Shinto; The Man at the Helm of InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a healthcare provider that offers Medicaid and Medicare plans. It provides these services through its subsidiary companies known as PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. InnovaCare Health operates in Puerto Rico. Most of their clients chose them over other insurance companies because of their quality of services. The NCQA accredited the two […]

Roberto Santiago’s Large Mall Has School Along With Other Offers

When people are asked about unusual establishments in malls, they may name anything that is not a fashion store. For one thing, there was a time when it was rather uncommon to have a movie theater in a mall. That time has long passed. These days, people would be hard pressed to find a good […]