The Incredible Story of Omar Boraie in 3 Minutes

As the number of developers spending millions and billions on properties increases, a few are doing philanthropy work to make the world a better place. Omar Boraie is one of the few. Despite being a successful real estate businessperson, he is also a passionate philanthropist, Omar Boraie is the founder and Vice President of Boraie Development, a company that helped New Brunswick transform into an urban orchard.

Omar arrived from Egypt with a big plan to build modern buildings, elegant apartments, and community houses in New Brunswick. It was somehow shocking for the residents. Although everyone doubted his vision, Omar Boraie held on and saw a better future ahead. Using Boraie Development and a team of professionals a development company started, Omar started some real estate project that changed the shape of the area forever.

Some of his notable projects are Albany Street Plaza, The Aspire, and Rector Street. Omar has changed both the landscape of New Brunswick but also the community as a whole. Omar has also expanded his projects to Atlantic City and Newark.

The Boraie progressions have valued countless success in the winning of mortgages and also tax breaks offered by government in the former years, reports NY Times. The records shows, a mortgage of more than thirty-five million dollars being granted to project Pauline’s Prairie in Atlantic City a mortgage agency run by the state and more than fifteen from CRDA. The state also approved more projects by them. Aspire residential tower is another project by Omar that was approved for more that eighty million state aid.

Some of the Boraie projects have been started in a bid to set aside some units to house displaced victims. Some of the Sandy victims are presently living in some of the reasonable units, and many more are being looked for by Omar.

Omar has been involved in some philanthropy projects in New Brunswick. He can be considered one of the leading philanthropists from that area. He serves on the Board of Trustees for the State Theater and other causes in New Brunswick. His development company has sponsored the institution in several events. Some of the events it has sponsored are Free Summer Movies Series.

He also serves on the board of a nonprofit organization called Elijah’s Promise. It provides food and clothing to the less fortunate and uses philanthropy as a tool to transform the community. Omar believes that developing the community should come before property development and developers should do their best to change communities in positive ways.

About Boraie Development

According to his Crunchbase page, Omar founded this real estate firm. Boraie Development specializes in real estate development, property management as well as sales and marketing. Their primary goal is establishing unique and impressive properties. The company is dedicated to providing excellent services to its customers. They have collaborated with visionary architects using you to date technology and financial providers to make sure they achieve this. They also work with the best contractors to ensure they are meeting deadlines and finishing projects successfully.