Businessman Dick Devos

Dick Devos has recently joined the Federal Aviation Administration’s council. The Management Advisory Council is a small civilian board that has been created to help the FAA as it makes important decisions on the aviation industry’s future in America. The industry has had a tough time recently with developments in technology making it difficult to secure and help passengers with convenience. There are also issues with pilot training and salaries, which have yet to be addressed.


Most of the council is comprised of transportation authorities and former airline executives. Dick Devos is a businessman who has been working in global sales for most of his life. However, he has also been quietly working alongside several airlines and airports for the past two decades.


Devos is an avid pilot himself and has been trained to fly several different types of planes, including jets and helicopters. However, that’s not what qualifies him to join the board. His work with the Gerald R. Ford International Airport does give him some expertise on how to help with airports, airline expansions, and bringing in new ideas to support the growth of the industry in America.


It has been difficult for airlines to sustain in America due to competition. However, Devos has some ideas for that as well. It all goes back to his work with Air Tran Airways in the early 2000s. He wanted Air Tran to provide new flights to the airport after the re-launch in 1999. The CEO worked with the airport to add in several destinations, including new flights to Denver, Las Vegas, Orlando, and St. Louis. The new flights allowed travelers to go anywhere in the US and connect to flights that were most popular.


Devos has also helped the airport expand with a $45 million renovation project that will be completed in late 2018. The new airport will feature an upgraded food court, new business traveler center, and state-of-the-art technology in terminals for passengers.


Devos will be meeting once a quarter with the FAA and council to discuss new ideas on regulations, policies, future growth, and more. He has been on the council since September 2017.


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