Bodybuilding Supplements and Coaching Company, Enhanced Athlete, still the Reigning Champion

When competitor Nutrition Distribution, tried to take down Enhanced Athlete, a bodybuilding coaching and supplement company, from Wyoming, with claims of false advertising, Enhanced Athlete, laced up and enjoyed a victorious TKO. When asked to comment on their win Enhanced Athlete would only comment “Nobody wants to fight, especially in a court room. We tried our best to handle this diplomatically and tried to urge them to keep it out of the courts. After all is said and done, it was us that got the judge to see that their allegations were false and that their claims were baseless. Luckily it didn’t take too much time to convince him.”

Enhanced Athlete won the case of Nutrtion Distribution, LLC v. Enhanced Athlete, Inc. et all, however, this was only one of several cases that Nutrition Distribution filed against their competitors. “We were sorry about all of this. But we knew we were going to win. We were told of the other companies that ND tried to sue and they were unsuccessful. We wish them the best and don’t have any ill will towards anyone.” They don’t have time to gloat, they have a growing, successful company to run. “As a leader in the bodybuilding supplement industry we don’t have the time or the desire to revel, we have to maintain our momentum.”

Scott Cavell, Chief Executive Officer of Enhanced Athlete says the company “was not going to be the next victim of Nutrition Distributions shakedown scheme!” He added “These types of lawsuits happen every day and they don’t just hurt our company but they hurt our clients. We need to be a focused base company and when we are distracted with a frivolous lawsuit then our clients lose too.” Cavell said he was more impressed with his staff and coaches who showed up every day to defend not just a company but their home.

With the exhaustive lawsuit behind them, they are more driven than ever to be a top competitor in an industry that is always evolving. Enhanced Athlete offers coaching programs as well as supplements and workout gear. Coach and IFBB Pro Body Builder Cane Bishop says “Once I can get my client to believe in themselves, believe in the miracle of the human body, then I can get them to achieve any goal they set from themselves.” With a proven track record for consistent results, there is a reason people turn to Shane and the other coaches at Enhanced Athlete for help. “When you are ready to lay down your excuses and want to look and feel great, come see us. We may kick your booty but you will thank us in the end.”