Beneficent acts of the Stream Energy company

Stream Energy is a private company; this means that it does not trade its shares to the public. Its stock rather services are owned, traded, offered and exchanged was founded by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji in the year 2005. The company’s headquarters are based in the united states of America, Dallas, Texas. The company provides for services such as wireless, energy, protective and home services. Stream Energy has offered its energy services in close to seven states namely; New York, Georgia, Maryland, Texas, New Jersey, Illinois and Pennsylvania. Primarily, the company has adopted the use of multi-level marketing as its sales channel. The company also started offering mobile services basically known as stream wireless in 2015.

Stream Energy has been involved in philanthropic activities throughout Texas and entire America as a whole. It has been enabled by the stream cares foundation to help the people in need as a way of giving back to the community. The company has embarked on a mission to exterminate homelessness in partnership with an organization known as Hope supply Co, and they provide diapers, food, school essential and other requirements for the homeless children

In the year 2017, During the hurricane Harvey that happened in America, inflicting over 125 billion people that suffered a great loss of their lives and even properties, Stream Energy used their resources and was at the forefront to give support and help the affected victims to recover what they had lost in the 2016, during the tornado that happened in Texas, Stream Energy worked in collaboration with the Salvation Army to help the victims affected recover their homes and properties by raising funds.

This company also funds fundraisers and charities that are at the grass root level. It works with Humanitarian Habitat, Red Cross, other corporate leaders and employees to do this. It has offered financial and moral help to the veterans and their families in Dallas area, it also gave the military veterans together with their families who were less fortunate a December treat by providing free transport.

As a result of these philanthropic acts, Stream Energy has been able to gain fame and confidence from their customers.