Aloha Construction: Mistakes Homeowners Make

Aloha Construction, based out of Illinois, is considered as a gold standard when it comes to home improvement. The company offers a number of different services which include roofing, siding, gutters and downspout systems, windows, fascia and soffits, and, among a number of others, bathroom repair. They pride themselves on the quality of their work, customer service, and ethical standards.


Recently, Aloha Construction was honored to receive the Better Business Bureau 2017 Torch Award. This prestigious award is given to businesses who have proved their strong ethical standards in all aspects of their business. Specifically, Aloha Construction won the 2017 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics for their charitable work and forward-thinking culture.


Aloha Construction has proved that they have the knowledge and expertise to offer various types of advice to homeowners. The company recently compiled a list of four mistakes that homeowners commonly make. The first mistake homeowners make is upgrading the wrong areas in their home. The best upgrades that homeowners can make are to the roof and siding. If the home is beautiful on the inside, but the roof needs to be replaced, many buyers will lose interest. While bathroom upgrades are great, they don’t necessarily add much value to the home. The second mistake is that homeowners often wait too long to have a property inspection. Aloha Construction suggests that homeowners have their property inspected once a year and after a major storm. Ignoring gutters and downspouts is the third mistake many homeowners makes. Gutters and downspouts should be inspected before each new season begins. The most common things homeowners need to look for are sagging or leaking gutters, which could indicate a blockage that needs to be cleared and that downspouts aren’t allowing water to collect near the base of the home. Trying to save money on repairs and home improvements is the fourth mistake that many homeowners make. Everyone likes to save a buck whenever they can, however, when it comes to home improvements and repairs this mistake can end up costing the homeowner more in the long run. It is Aloha Construction’s opinion that home improvement projects should be done right and with quality work the first time.–147077274/pp