New Residential Investment Corp and Their Unique Investment Portfolio

New Residential Investment Corp is a best investment corporation dedicated to providing quality services to their consumers. New Residential Investment Corp has a unique and diversified portfolio for investments. Their industry rates increase with a greater number of investments. With greater investments, their rate of success is higher. When more individuals, businesses and corporations invest […]

Enormous guidelines of maximizing your real estate returns as advised by Gareth Henry

Do you know you can maximize your profits in real estate investment with a slight relocation? This is according to Gareth Henry, a specialist in Private Credit and Hedge Funds. Don’t think being a renowned business tycoon will automatically increase your profit in real estate. Think of changing the purpose of your property, and you […]

Fortress Investment Group Deal With The Softbank Group

Fortress Investment Group is in charge of the management of over $70 billion in total assets and investments in the real estate sector, private equity, and credit. The firm recently made headlines following the full purchase by the SoftBank Group. The SoftBank Group purchased the entire Fortress Investment Group at a sum total of $3.3 […]

Marc Beer

Proponents of the Women’s Health Care Movement can celebrate the exciting news that Renovia Corporation has been granted 42 million dollars to launch several innovative new products that deal with pelvic floor disorders. These disorders are invasive and effect over 250 million women throughout the world. Among those contributing to Renovia was the Longwood Fund. […]