Direct Selling Through QNet With Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is known as the CEO of the QI Group. This enterprise deals with spirituality and philanthropy. Through his group, people gain plenty of new insights and discover new pieces of wisdom that can cause everything in their lives to fall in place. The QI Group has a few different extensions. Among the extensions […]

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CEO Sheldon Lavin: Environmental Impact on the Bottom Line

For Sheldon Lavin, A long and illustrious career has culminated into numerous awards and rewards. The imprint of his executive role at the OSI Group is a legacy decades in the making. In the 1950s, alongside the opening of the first burger and fry franchise restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois famously known as McDonald’s, stood […]

How Dr. Mark McKenna Plans To Upend The Cosmetic Surgery Industry Business Model

OVME is a new company in Atlanta, Georgia. They offer a boutique elective surgery experience to their customers who come into a luxurious office to have their procedures done. The founder of this company, Dr. Mark McKenna, wanted to offer people a streamlined process which is focused on the patient experience. OVME was equipped with […]

Roseann Bennett Is Using Therapy Dogs To Help Treat Clients Who Suffer From Anxiety And Depression

Roseann Bennett is a therapist who has learned to use dogs to help her patients. She works out of Hackettstown, New Jersey and has seen a lot of improvement in her clients after incorporating therapy dogs into their lives. Bennett serves as a licensed marriage and family therapist and has more than a decade of […]

Businessman Dick Devos

Dick Devos has recently joined the Federal Aviation Administration’s council. The Management Advisory Council is a small civilian board that has been created to help the FAA as it makes important decisions on the aviation industry’s future in America. The industry has had a tough time recently with developments in technology making it difficult to […]

Making Sense Of GreenSky Credit And The Power Of David Zalik, The Company’s CEO

The position of CEO – chief executive officer – is one of the business world’s least-held corporate positions in the United States even though virtually every business’ hierarchical structure has someone in the helm of CEO atop their organizations. Chief executive officers don’t just get stuck with the blame if something goes wrong with the […]