A Man working his way to the top

Dick Devos is the husband of Betsy Devos who is a reformer. Dick Devos was a republican nominee for governor of michigan. Dick Devos looks for creative ways to fix social problems. They but a lot of time and energy into their work and do their best to expound upon it. They find ways of getting out of situations that might stump others significantly. They are very good at doing things and find good loop holes that are legal and just. There are no problems for them, only solutions. Dick Devos has founded the Windquest Group in 1989 that is a privately held company that puts all their time and energy into manufacturing, technology and clean energy. The company is very good at focusign on the essentials and what is really important in the world. The privately owned company strives to find innovative ways of helping people through technology, energy and so forth. They are very focused on helping others find news ways of doing things through innovation and are keenly focused on helping the greater good. They strive to improve upon technology and energy and are very sure of what they are doing with the company. Dick Devos is the former president of Amway and he is the former president of the orlando magic from the nba. Dick Devos was born in october and is an american businessman and also and author. He strives to conduct himself in a great manner that is respectful and kind. He is also from Miichigan. He was able to be the ceo of the consumer goods comapny for about nine years. He pushed hard and even ran for governor of Michigan. his father was the sixty seventh richest person in the united states of america. Devos graduated from Forest hills public school and began his complete involvement in the family business. He strived to do his part in growing the business and letting it thrive. When the company was small but thriving he remember being mini hosts that greeted people that attended the annual conventions. They cleared plates when there was gatherings and so forth. They also spoke in front of groups and gave product demonstrations. Devos was able to gain a bachelors degree in business and this was from northwood university. He also attended harvard business school and learned business there. Devos is a hard worker and when he puts his mind to do something he gets it done efficiently as possible.


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