Perpetual Fight For Democracy

The United States is well known for preeminence in its Governments’ operation. The political organizations, as well as politicians, play a significant role in ensuring the well-being of the communities. It is also an all-round responsibility for the Government institutions to ensure the constitution is kept and well represented. End Citizens United is one of the political arms in the Us that was started in the year 2015. The principal aim of starting the organization was to improve the operations of the supreme courts as well as other Government agencies. The primary pathway to achieving its goal was to ensure that all the leaders elected have a sense of democracy as a virtue.


Three former specializes in matters related to the democratic congregational campaign, came together to start this organization. With vast experience in a campaign running, the founders of End Citizens United came up with a strategy to raise funds which gave indescribable yields. The move saw the organization receive funding’s from individual people as well as other bodies. This happened because the mission of the organization attracted unmatched support from the well-wishers.


Perfect strategies and efforts saw the group receive more than 4 million dollars within three months in the year 2017. The team is ambitious in its operations and consistent in working for their dream. End Citizens United intends to raise more than 35 million dollars between now and the beginning of the year 2018 before the midterm elections for Congress. By achieving this, the organization will have surpassed the total amount they manage to raise in the year 2016 that added to a total of 25 million dollars. According to statistics, it is clear that the beginning of this year saw more than one million individuals contributing towards funding PAC. This figure includes 40,000 people who gave for the first time. These are very encouraging statistics, and yields much hope to the group’s management. Like a boost to their dream, the group is aimed at electing champions to the government .operating as a tradition PAC; End Citizens United only accept a maximum of 5 thousand dollars from an individual donor and nothing more than that. End Citizens United believes in its mission to ensure better lives for the Americans.


Electing Democratic candidates is a dream that the organization works for tirelessly. The group also finds it very essential to use current affiliation to prove political power on matters related to money in politics. Through electing Democratic candidates, the organization is confident that positive change will significantly be achieved. With the power of transparency, democracy is positively a possibility. The team is proud of receiving funds from people in the United States of America.

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