George Soros: The Man We All Admire

George Soros is one man with a global following. He traces his origins in Hungary, a country where he together with his family experienced a lot of pain and suffering. Due to the unimaginable oppression in his country, Mr. Soros decided to relocate to London. It is in London that he was most fortunate to get a job as a railway porter and restaurant waiter. With the little money he had saved from his odd jobs, he got enrolled in the London School of Economics. Since an early age, George Soros has been a very ambitious individual. Soros takes each and every opportunity to succeed in life whenever it presents itself. It is after his Economics education that George got an opening at a merchant bank back in London. Having saved more than twelve million dollars over the years, Soros was able to start a hedge fund. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

Since 1969, George Soros has made a significant mark in the financial sector. He is renowned for helping strengthen the once struggling British pound. Also, George Soros has helped establish Soros Fund Management, an organization that boasts of more than thirty billion dollars in assets. For a very long time, Soros has been making use of his wealth to fund American politicians with his most unusual activity being in 2004 when he was significantly involved in national elections. Since then, George hid behind the political limelight but has previously re-emerged to offer his support to Democrats. During the 2016 elections, George Soros donated more than twenty-five million dollars to help Hillary Clinton in her campaigns for the presidency. Some of these funds were also used to help other Democratic candidates gain a campaigning advantage over their competitors. Visit to know more about George.

Because George has a vast estate, he plans on giving more money to the Democrats Party in support of their candidates. George Soros is extremely fond of Hillary Clinton, primarily because the two have been close friends for more than two decades. In the same accord, George planned on attending his first ever Democratic convention so as to show his support for his longtime friend, a plan that did not bear fruit since Soros had to attend to personal business at the time. Because the 2016 American elections were very competitive, George Soros felt the need to mobilize enough funds to beat the Republicans. To this end, he sought financial support from other wealthy individuals of his caliber. George Soros is renowned for his role in helping fight oppressive regimes. At age 85, the self-made billionaire has risked it all so as to witness the alleviation of minority groups. Since George is a die-hard Democrats fun, it is more likely that he will donate more funds in future elections than has ever been experienced before.

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