Non-Jewish Hollywood Stars Are Subscribing to The Teachings of Kabbalah

Madonna’s involvement with the Jewish mysticism, Kabbalah saw her establish a couple of Kabbalah centers. This newfound love for Kabbalah teachings seemed to have fascinated other non-Jewish Hollywood stars. Paris Hilton, Sandra Bernhard, Sammy Davis, the late Elizabeth Tailor and Marilyn Monroe are among renowned celebrities who showed interest in the Jewish Kabbalah. Some of them converted to Judaism. While talking to Time Magazine in 2006, Madonna said that the Jewish tradition teaches that humans were put to the world to help others. To this end, she committed to spreading awareness about Kabbalah to the world.

Elizabeth Taylor, who converted to Judaism, became a vocal advocate for Israel. At one time, she offered herself for the freedom of 100 Israelis that had been held captive. Marilyn Monroe, who also converted to Judaism, joined the Kabbalah Center to have a real feeling of family love considering that she was raised in a Christian setting by foster parents. Madonna introduced Britney to the Kabbalah Center. However, she later quit when she broke up with her husband. In addition, Sammy Davis was inspired by Jews strength arising from many years of oppression. As an African-American, he wanted to experience this power. This way, Sammy converted to Judaism. This information was originally mentioned on Jerusalem Online as outlined in this link

About Kabbalah Center

Kabbalah Center is a leading international organization that teaches the wisdom of Kabbalah. When he established the Kabbalah Center in 1922, the late Rav Yehuda Ashlag aimed to provide people with resources and wisdom that would improve their lives in this chaotic world. Through its 50 locations around the world, the center offers Kabbalistic wisdom to more than 5,000 individuals weekly. They also provide online classes through lectures, books, DVDs, and prayer sessions.

Rav Ashlag’s student, Rav Yehuda Brandwein, succeeded him. Rav Berg is the current director of Kabbalah Center where he serves alongside his wife, Karen, and their two sons. The Kabbalah Center offers teachings based on the foundational sacred text of Kabalistic wisdom known as the Zohar, which offers a detailed understanding of the mysteries of the Universe. The teachings are also based on information written by world’s prominent Kabbalists. Students of Kabbalah gain spiritual growth and develop meaningful relationships with like-minded persons.

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