Avoid Paper Tiger: Trust US Money Reserve Gold

Papyrus (paper) was invented in Egypt. It is a great way to write down financial transactions in a cheap fashion. It is not a great way to store wealth.


Many financial experts believe that paper fiat currency is not money, because money must be a store of wealth. Paper dollars are receipts. That is why hardened veterans purchase US Money Reserve gold for their family estates.


“Gold Superiority”


Plato discussed shadows and how man would watch them like a puppet show. The problem with paper assets is that they are actually “shadows” of the real wealth. You might even find that there are multiple owners of the same asset, as part of a banking scheme called “rehypothecation.”


When you purchase a gold coin from the new and improved US Money Reserve website, you are the sole owner. The site is run by a former US Mint Director, who knows what he is talking about. You can get the latest coins from the United States government.


“Self-Directed Gold IRA”


There is also information on the “Self-Directed Gold IRA Program” at US Money Reserve. This gives you more control over your own retirement plan. As knowledge increases amongst the population, more people can make the important decisions, needed to increase their wealth.


Of course, one decision that you must make is to get some more solid wealth in your pockets. You don’t need a paper receipt, do you? You need something of real value when everything falls apart.


“US Mint Coins”


The full faith and authority of the United States government is behind its gold coins. What is the difference between a gold coin and paper dollar? With a gold coin, you have the intrinsic value of the gold content.


Gold coins are also collectible. You don’t see too many paper dollar conventions, buying and selling the old notes. With US Money Reserve gold coins, you can join the numerous coin conventions and exchange your impressions.


If you don’t want your estate to be a “paper tiger,” then don’t fill it with papyrus notes. Trust in real US Money Reserve gold coins.

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