Amen For Old Friends
Kacey Jones


Amen For Old Friends CD
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"One of the best records to come out of Nashville since Willie left Dodge."
-------Kinky Friedman / May 1, 2014

"KACEY JONES has been so funny for so long it behooves her to remind us every so often that she is eminently capable of bringing it all back home as a singer too--and not just when she’s skewering a gasbag such as Donald Trump in her sweet, lilting “Donald Trump’s Hair,” the title track of an album that also included a driving punk version of “America the Beautiful” (or “God Save the Queen”) called “God Save the Queens” that contained brilliant nuggets of insight such as “it takes a special guy/to wear hot pink with pride.” You have to go all the way back to 2006, and to her stirring, soulful tribute to a great American songwriter, Kacey Jones Sings Mickey Newbury, in order to experience a full album’s worth of her, shall we say, serious side. She reminds us of all this with the Newbury-penned title track of her long-awaited new album. It’s a holdover from the 2006 album and is every bit as remarkable now in all its sensitive interpretive reading as it was in 2006 and serves as a reminder that the woman who gave us the hilarity of the musical Nipples to the Wind (2007) and the album Every Man I Love is Either Married, Gay or Dead (2000) can also hit you where you live when she turns her attention to matters of the heart."
-------David McGee / Deep Roots Magazine / April, 2014

.You've Tried the Patience Out Of Me
by Kacey Jones and Denise Stiff

.Goin' Down Hill duet with Waylon Payne
by X Lincoln and John Anderson

.I'm The One Mama Warned You About
by Kacey Jones and Mickey James

.I Swear I Got The Blues
by Kacey Jones, Rich Fagan, Rose Fagan

.That's What I Like About My Baby
by Chuck McCabe

.Tell Me Why duet with Rich Fagan
by Rich Fagan, Doug Gilmore, Ed Hunnicutt

.We're All In This Alone
by Kacey Jones and Doug Gill

.One Click Away
by Kacey Jones, Rich Fagan, Rose Fagan

.Cold Turkey
by Kacey Jones

.There's A Song in There Somewhere
by Larry Book and Rusty Budde

.Climbed A Hill
by Russell Brusche'

.I Feel A Sin Comin' On
by Kacey Jones, Rich Fagan, Rose Fagan

.I'm Free At Last
by Freddy Powers

.Amen for Old Friends
by Mickey Newbury


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