Agera Energy: Transforming Energy to Power

Background Agera Energy has always been focused on guiding their customers towards making the right purchase decisions for their specific needs. Armed with the understanding that many energy companies were under-serving their customers, Agera Energy set out to be different. Agera Energy has been committed to this change since their creation in 2014. As they […]

Victoria Doramus

Victoria Doramus Is Actively Involved In Giving Back To Her Community Victoria Doramus, a philanthropist based out of New York City, is actively involved in several charities and non-profit organizations. Doramus strongly believes in raising awareness regarding several different issues. She also wants to give back to her community. One of the foundations that Victoria […]

Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s Astounding Record at L’Oreal

Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s Astounding Record at L’Oreal Dan Bethelmy-Rada holds the Global Brand President position in the Professional Products Division at L’Oreal. Dan’s career is accelerating at rapid rate which is evident from his accomplishments. He is the youngest person to be appointed DMI General Manager of the entire company at only 40 years old. Dan […]

Marketing Wizard Steve Lesnard Offers Digital Marketing Insight

Integrated marketing and consumer expert Steve Lesnard is a man who understands the profound way modern social media and the digital environment have revolutionized the way we market products and services. But he also understands that these cutting edge formats are also informed by age-old, tried, tested and proven selling methods. Steve Lesnard thinks that […]